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A New Life is Here, Live it.

March 16, 2021

Imagine a life; happy and fulfilled without worries. A life where you are free to explore the highs knowing that there is something to fall back on if the unexpected happens. A life where you can steer the lows, secure in the assurance that there’s something to pull you back up.

Imagine a life where you have an edge over every situation, giving you the confidence to truly live without worrying about the ‘what-ifs?’

For the past couple of weeks, there has been a widespread campaign centered on The New Life, a life that offers tailor-made insurance solutions to life’s uncertainties. We took to the streets, and social media as we carried our message to you. Many people asked ‘what is this new life?’ and ‘How can I be a part of it?’

Your answer is here.

For several decades, we have moved from Ghana the origin, to the Gambia and now to Nigeria, inspiring trust and confidence.

With our life planners, you can rest assured that we will be here to take care of you and those you value the most. Our life assurance plans, cover; family care, Educare, Lifetime needs and Income protection.

Our approach to insurance goes beyond policy administration, claims and benefits; we take it a step further by building a valuable relationship with you.

Our life planners are world-class professionals who take time to understand your needs so they can provide fit-for-purpose solutions. Think of us as trustworthy professionals that you can depend on to provide the most excellent service. Friends who would rush to your rescue any time you call.
We are a stand-out brand, playing in a league of our own, well known and committed. We continuously hedge you against life’s perils and protect your most treasured assets. We do not go back on our word.

We are Enterprise Life and we bring you the New Life.

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