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This is Life: Turning Passion To Profit

September 8, 2021

We are Enterprise Life, and we are pleased to serve you another sizzling hot episode of This is Life, where thought leaders and industry professionals discuss life in content creation.

On this week’s episode our host, actor and presenter, Akah Nnani, settles down with Chef Gbubemi Fregene, Yemisi Sophie Odusanya, Winifred Nwania and Jimmie Akinsola to discuss monetizing hobbies and pioneering their fields.

Chef Gbubemi Fregene popularly known as Chef Fregz serves us a story, more like an epiphany when entering his field during NYSC; how he deals with overconfidence and making the most of his platform as a Nigerian chef.

Food content creator, Yemisi Sophie Odusanya, known online as Sisi Yemmie speaks on turning her hobby into a lucrative business, dealing with the fear of public failure and becoming a face for Nigerian cuisine.

Vlogger and food entrepreneur, Winifred Nwania, talks about changing the Nigerian food space and her journey towards becoming a certified food nutritionist. She tells us how she uses social media to boost the local food industry and create an authentic African eating experience.

Then we have Sports Desk Manager and host Jimmie Akinsola, talk on monetizing his passion for sports and TV.

The sports enthusiast also speaks on how he uses his performance jitters to improve his performance on stage and his dream to put Nigerians in his industry on the same footing internationally.

Join our guests as they speak on opportunities to be found in the Nigerian creative space and hear how they transformed their regrets into something better.

How do you scale up your platform and content to an international level?

Find out these and more on the This is Life Podcast.


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