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This is Life: The Art of Life

September 2, 2021

Know yourself and your value, the world will adjust- Wofai Fada

We are Enterprise Life and are pleased to present to you our brand new podcast: This is Life.

On This is Life we bring in thought leaders and industry professionals to give an unfiltered perspective on life. From the music business to spoken word and poetry, comedy, food and lifestyle…they all find a common ground on this podcast.


In this premiere episode, our host Akah Nnani the famous actor and presenter explores with celebrities- Ric Hassani, Precious Emmanuel, Wana Udobang and Wofai Fada on the different aspects of being entertainers or creatives as we love to call them.

We take a deep dive into our guests’ raw emotions, their joys, laughter and mental space; the feelings behind the art and the creators of the art.

With applicable insights for budding creatives on their journey to self-discovery and freedom to be themselves.

We invite you to share the life of Wana as she lets us into how she was able to turn her past trauma and vulnerabilities into powerful art, and learning to accept herself.

Precious Emmanuel also discusses how his father's love for music pushed him to find his voice, as well as his unique way of handling trolls and body shaming.

And it gets more interesting as we catch a glimpse of the world of Wofai Fada.

Wofai spoke about the misconceptions of being a female comic, dealing with toxic friendships, putting herself out in the world and living her authentic truth while inspiring others to do the same.

It didn’t end there as the “Thunder Fire You” crooner,  Ric Hassani narrates his growing pains in the industry, establishing his self-worth, and the long journey into becoming his own person.

Our guests are full of advice for newcomers in the industry, the advice they noted their younger selves would have found useful when starting out.

But, as they noted, their trial by fire made them into the people they have become today. Without the hardships and experiences, they might not have found out who they truly are.

Topics like being seen as a tool of their craft rather than individuals, navigating difficult and overzealous fans; to bullying and the weight of expectations, were just a few of the issues that our guests had to tell us.

How do you know your worth, pricing your art and upscaling your creation?

Click this link to watch the first episode of This is Life and find out.



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