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The “New Life”

August 20, 2021

When many Nigerians hear “Insurance” or “Life Insurance”, it usually elicits feelings of skepticism and distrust. Life Insurance tends to be seen more as a burden and a forced liability rather than a value creator and a financial solution.

But this is about to change and things are about to get better. We are on a mission to deliver to Nigerians the “New Life”. It is not just an advertising campaign or a slogan. It is much more than that.

For us at Enterprise Life, the “New Life” is a new experience, a new dawn and a commitment to practise and deliver insurance solutions differently. The New Life is Life Insurance solutions with a human face and a heart for the customer.

The New Life is about delivering Life Insurance as a financial solution that supports the customers’ lifestyle, dreams and aspirations. It is not just hedging against unforeseen emergencies.

The New Life is “Reliability” and a guarantee that we will be there for you through key stages of your life, supporting you with personalized solutions that help you get the best out of life.

The New Life is “Trust” and assurance that we walk our talk. We are a leading Insurance brand in West Africa and the best at what we do.

The New Life is “Friendliness” and “Professionalism”. We have a team of experienced professionals ready to sit with you, plan with you and work with you to create personalized solutions that address your needs.

The New Life is “Excellence” and commitment to deliver superior and outstanding solutions at all times for each of our customers and partners so that they can be unstoppable in life

The New Life is a platform designed to support you and give you an “Advantage” over life situations so that no matter what happens, you can keep moving.





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