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September 15, 2021

Speed and Execution is the currency - Ayo Akinola

We are Enterprise Life and we are pleased to present to you the latest episode of our podcast- This is Life.

On our latest episode, industry professionals discuss life, relationships and mentoring in the corporate sector.

Our host, actor and presenter Akah Nnani gets serious with Dr. Chinonso Egemba aka Aproko Doctor, Ayo Akinola, Ejiro Kunle-Hassan and Bukky Akomolafe as they discuss mentorships, practicality and relationships in the corporate space.

Listen to medical doctor and educator, Chinonso Egemba, popularly known by his online moniker: Aproko Doctor, as he speaks on navigating his novel field, why practicality works better than theories, the dangers of bad bedside manners and the edge corporate life gave him in his creative endeavours.

Hear the Head of Business Development at Piggyvest, Ayo Akinola, give a candid take on leaders outgrowing their company and the progressive work culture of Piggyvest.

The Tech Entrepreneur engages us on how he manages to balance work so it doesn’t spill into his personal life and the effects of work culture on a personal brand. He also discusses his transition from mentee to mentor as well as his secret hack to levelling up.

We are treated to an insider’s view of Oil and Gas as Ejiro Kunle-Hassan, a young expert speaks on avoiding the pitfalls of being mediocre and why result-oriented people make the most success. She then explores why she has a work persona, why her skill set and knowledge are her most useful tools and learning the unwritten rules of the workplace.

Finally, we have Bukky Akomolafe, the Country Manager for Travelstart, who relates her love for growing companies with her beliefs on why the next generation of Nigerian Corporates would change the workplace.

She also debunks the notion of the laid back Nigerian youth, while touching on the evolution of personal brand for the modern corporate space plus the need to always perform.

Our two female panellists shed light on the pressure of appearances of women in the corporate sector, inappropriate workplace interactions, and how they stay true to their brand while putting their best foot forward.

Our guests who have excelled in their chosen fields touch on the very vital topic of mentors versus sponsors, a topic which corporates would find useful and applicable as they scale up the work ladder.

What is the difference between a role model, a sponsor, and a mentor?

Listen to the full podcast here:


















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