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Stories That Touch: "How I missed out on going to my dream school"

September 2, 2022
How I missed out on going to my dream school

What was growing up like?

I am an only child, and I attended a private primary and secondary school. My dad worked at a Telecom company and mum is a lab scientist. Hence, we lived well above average. When I was 9, my father was diagnosed with Lung cancer. He died shortly after. After he died,  I also spent some time with my uncle at Ikorodu, where I had lots of friends to play with, and it was fun.

Sorry about your dad, how did your dad’s death change things?

Well, it was just my mum and I so we were able to survive with her salary. That was until she had an emotional breakdown which made her lose her job. This was when things got really messy. It affected me as well as I started to lose focus in school.  I remember I was preparing to write my common entrance exam.

That’s really sad to hear. How did you survive?

A few months after she lost her job,  things went really bad. She had exhausted her little savings and family members started to withdraw.  We moved out of our 2-room apartment to rent a self-contained room.

When I was in SS1, my mum took me to my uncle’s place at Ikorodu to start living there. I finished secondary school at my uncle’s place.  I gained admission into a German University to study computer science but I lost the opportunity.


Well, even though I had a scholarship. We couldn’t afford the travel expenses.

So were you away from your mum throughout your stay at Ikorodu?

No, she came to visit me from time to time. I always missed her. I visited her once in a while too.

So were you away from your mum throughout your stay at Ikorodu?

No, she came to visit me from time to time. I always missed her. I visited her once in a while too.

How do you think she managed without you?

She always tried to convince me that she was fine whenever she came around but I could see she wasn’t.

She was able to set up a small lab with the help of her siblings and that helped us a bit. I went back to stay with her to help with the lab while preparing for university.

Which university is that?

I got admission to study Mathematics at Obafemi Awolowo University and graduated in 2016. I attended a free coding training session in school and that’s how I started coding.

Interesting! I love that you jumped on the opportunity. So, why tech?

Well, I’ve also been fascinated with computers.  My uncle was a Computer Engineer and while I was at his place; he noticed my interest in computers. This was why he advised me to study Computer Science in university. He’d always say that computers will make me more relevant in the future.

Nice, did they really make you more relevant?

When I was in my final year, which was 4 years of learning how to write code and working for free.  I got my first freelance job as a Front-End Website Developer. The company paid me N145, 000. I thought I was dreaming. I still clearly remember calling my mum to tell her the good news. I also sent her my first salary.

Now that I look back at it, that job was my breakthrough into the industry. The client liked my work and from there I got referrals, built a strong portfolio. By the time I was serving, I was already working with a Fintech company. Safe to say I was a Lagos Big-boy.

Oshey! Tech bro. Share this money now.

What would you say is the greatest lesson you’ve learnt in life?

I think I’d draw my biggest lesson from my parents’ life. When life is rosy, always prepare for the rainy days cause life is full of surprises. I don’t think anybody would have guessed that my dad would leave us so soon. I know he loved for me to go to Germany to study Computer Science.

I’m inputting these lessons into how I raise my family which is why I already know I’m getting  a Child Educare plan for my children immediately after they are born. It’s really never too early to plan for your child’s future.

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