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Enterprise Life Assurance Ltd Poised to Offer Need-Based Life Insurance Solutions in Nigeria

March 26, 2021

Enterprise Life Assurance Company (Nigeria) Limited, has opened its doors to the general public a few months after it received its operating license from the Nigeria National Insurance Commission.

Speaking at the opening of its offices in Ikoyi, Lagos, Mrs Funmi Omo, the Managing Director expressed confidence that the unique solutions offered by Enterprise Life will appeal to the large population of uninsured Nigerians, who till date have not experienced the peace of mind offered by insurance. She further disclosed that the aim of Enterprise Life is to expand the insurance net in Nigeria by offering innovative and relevant life insurance solutions, using a needs-based approach to sales.

In an interview, Keli Gadzekpo, CEO of Enterprise Group PLC, the holding Company of Enterprise Life Assurance Company (Nigeria) Limited, stated that while he is proud of the many successes the Group has chalked in Ghana and The Gambia over the years, there is something especially exciting about entering the Nigerian market. It not only allows the Group to increase its international footprint, but it also gives the opportunity for Nigerians to truly benefit from the financial security that life insurance offers.

He further explained that since life insurance plays a unique role in multi-generational wealth creation and preservation, life insurance in Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa, has great potential to act as a catalyst of change to end the cycle of intergenerational poverty in Africa.

The opening of the new offices makes Nigeria the third West African country to have Enterprise Life’s business footprint, the first two being Ghana, the country of origin, and The Gambia.

Enterprise Life is a member of Enterprise Group PLC which is headquartered in Ghana. With roots dating back to 1924, Enterprise Group PLC is a publicly listed, blue-chip, financial services company whose subsidiaries are each market leader in their fields of life insurance, general insurance, pensions, funeral services, and real estate.

Enterprise Group has a strategic partnership with Black Star Holdings Limited (BSHL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Leapfrog Strategic African Investments (LSAI), which is a separate account managed by Leapfrog Investments, and in which Prudential Financial, Inc., USA (PFI) is the primary investor.


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