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Our mission, brand and vision

About Us


Enterprise Life was incorporated in November 2011 primarily as a strategic move to expand the operations of the Ghana based company (Enterprise Life) across the frontiers of West Africa.

In May 2012, the Company had its Life Assurance License issued by the Central Bank of the Gambia, and started operations with 5 members of staff and 25 Sales Representatives.

Our Vision

“In all our markets, our pedigree will be recognized, our strength respected, our expertise valued and our solutions sought by ALL who desire an advantage in life.’’

Our Mission Statement

We provide all who come into contact with us their desired ADVANTAGE… because we are the best at what we do!

Our Core Values

  • Friendliness: - Being thoroughly open toward others and inviting them into a positive relationship with a full-hearted smile 
  • Trust: - Counting on you to protect the interests of clients and colleagues
  • Reliability: - The assurance that with you, results would be achieved
  • Excellence: - Be outstanding; go the extra mile
  • Professionalism – Demonstrating high level competence in your work and outlook



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Locate Us

Suite 1, 2nd Floor 
Standard Chartered House
Kairaba Avenue

8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday
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