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Corporate Social Investment

Giving back to the society is part of us

Corporate Social Investment

In 2019, the Group changed its focus from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to Corporate Social Investment (CSI). Under CSI, activities supported by the Company have long term sustainability because they occupy the sweet spot between alignment with business goals, national / local priorities and have clear socio –economic benefits.

In 2019, the Group’s CSI activities were focused on supporting financial literacy and health but also included some philanthropy in the form of donations to a number of institutions.

Financial Literacy

The main beneficiaries of our financial literacy program were the Students, teachers and parents of Bishop Mix JHS. The objective of the program among others, was to improve the economic prospects of the beneficiaries by helping them develop financial management skills for saving and investing for the medium to long term. Over a period of 3 months, students, parents and teachers were taken through topics such as how to budget, how to save, how to prepare a will among others. The program content and teaching was all was carried out by staff of the Enterprise Group Plc.


In the area of health, the following activities were undertaken

African Marrow Registry

Enterprise Group Plc provided financial support to the African Marrow Registry in support of the bone marrow donor recruitment across Africa. The donation was made by the Group in support of the Registry’s ongoing donor recruitment campaign, tagged the Campaign for a 1000 Lives.

African Marrow Registry is part of the Stem Cell Registry Alliance - a joint initiative of registries and organisations across the UK, Carribean and Africa committed to recruiting donors of African descent. A total of 341 people were registered on the campuses of University of Ghana, Legon, University of Professional Studies and Knutsford University.

Global Outreach Consortium

The Group made a donation to the Global Outreach Consortium , an organization committed to the provision of quality healthcare for the underprivileged. With the support of Enterprise, the organization was able to provide free medical laboratory investigations, imaging, surgical procedure and post-op medication for financially disadvantaged individuals some of whom have battled with serious medical conditions for a long time.

Accra Psychiatric Hospital

In 2019, Enterprise Group Plc continued its partnership with the Accra Psychiatric Hospital Children’s ward to put smiles on the faces of inmates. The Staff of Enterprise Group Plc supported the Ward and its children on a quarterly basis with food, toiletries and sanitary items.

Operation Smile, Ghana 

Enterprise Group Plc continued its support to Operation Smile, Ghana, an International Charitable Organisation that performs surgeries for children and adults with cleft pallets.


Enterprise also contributed to a number of projects within various institutions. Beneficiaries of such institutional support include the following;

National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO)

Enterprise Group Plc provided financial assistance to the Greater Accra Regional Office of the National Disaster Management Organization to support the institutions’ preventive drive in focusing on empowering communities, institutions, societal groups and the general public to be more resilient.

Design & Technology Institute

This was sponsorship of two students of the Design and Technology Institute. It was in support of the training of out-of-school 15-24-year-old boys and girls in courses such as welding, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Ghana Military Camp Base

The business made a donation to the Ghana Military camp base in support of the rehabilitation of their dining hall.

Hope Lite Foundation

The group provided financial assistance to the Hope Lite Foundation in support of their Leadership Revolution Project to empower young adults for future leadership and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Other activities we have been involved in include sponsorship of 15 medical students with overseas training.

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