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Enterprise Trustees Ltd Announces Additional Covid-19 Support Package for Scheme Members

May 22, 2021
Enterprise Trustees Ltd Announces Additional Covid-19 Support Package for Scheme Members

The Enterprise Group on 19th of March at the very onset of the pandemic stepped up to lead Corporate Ghana in the fight of this COVID-19 disease. A provision of free life insurance cover of up to Ghs20million for 2000 front line health workers handling COVID 19 cases from the Ghana Health service as well as a cash donation of Ghs100,000 to the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research and the Greater Accra Regional Hospital for testing kits and medical supplies respectively.

Today, Enterprise Trustees Limited, the pensions subsidiary of Enterprise Group takes a further step in this COVID 19 fight to support over 350,000 scheme members on its Master Trust Tier 2 & Tier 3 who may be facing various levels of risk to COVID 19 with a bouquet of scheme member targeted solutions.

These include;

  • A Three (3) Month Pension contribution if retrenched
  • A Free Life Cover for Covid-19 cases
  • Employee wellbeing assistance program for retrenched or distressed employees

A multi-pronged approach has been adopted since the effect of COVID-19 on people varies. Not many people have life insurance covers and with a pandemic such as this we feel this might provide member’s beneficiaries some timely relief in the event the unthinkable occurs to that member. Retrenchments are likely to affect the future retirement potential of members as the contribution gap today compounds over time, thereby negatively affecting one’s retirement income potential. Enterprise Trustees intends to provide that advantage to Scheme members who may be retrenched today to safeguard their tomorrow. The employee wellbeing assistance program is to provide those who may need the services of a team of Professional Psychologist to engage with.

Scheme members should dial the USSD short code *714*333* and select Covid Relief or visit www.enterprisegroup.net.gh/trustees and click Covid Relief to enjoy this offer.

The public is urged to continue to observe the safety protocols put in place in order to curb the spread of the virus. Wash your hands frequently with soap under running water and keep mask on wherever you go.

About Enterprise Trustees

Enterprise Trustees is the Pensions subsidiary within Enterprise Group Limited (EGL).  EGL  is a strong player in  Ghana’s financial services sector comprising five operating companies; Enterprise Insurance, Enterprise Life, Enterprise Trustees, Enterprise Properties and Enterprise Funeral Services Ghana trading as ‘Transitions – The Funeral People’. It is headquartered in Accra and has operations in The Gambia.

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