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Transitions Ghana Ltd staff undergo desairology training at FC Beauty College

Transitions Ghana, a funeral service provider with a commitment to delivering quality mortuary care services to deceased loved ones, has achieved another milestone in the industry! Four(4)staff members from the Mortuary Department graduated this Sunday, 20/11/2022, from FC Beauty College, where they undertook a three months Desairology Training program.

Desairology is a science that involves expert training in Restoration Make-Up Artistry and Nail Technology. These topics include, but are not limited to: Colour makeup application theory, Health and Safety practices, Eyebrow tech, Eye Lash Extension Installation, Tools, Equipment, and Implements, Makeup Application Techniques, Nail tidying and Clipping, moisturizing and Massage techniques, stick – on Extension Installation Finishing, Drying, curing, professional hairstyling etc. The training provided the Transitions team with insights on how to apply principles of desairology to their work practices.

Why did Transitions Ghana decide to invest in its staff?

In an industry as dynamic as funeral services and with the value we place on the departed loved ones, Transitions believes, the Mortuary team must be equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to provide exceptional undertaking services to deceased loved ones.

As market leaders, it should come as no surprise that Transitions is the first within the funeral industry to equip its team with this critical skill set. The business continually strives to achieve our value proposition to give all who come their desired advantage as they entrust us with the care of their departed loved ones within our state-of-the-art mortuary facility.

This investment is very special for Transitions as the business assists bereaved families not only from Ghana but across the world.

How did FC Beauty College train Transition staff members?

The training was a combination of lectures on Desairology and its application, as well as hands-on demonstrations on how to use various beauty care products. The training included information on how to select the right products and formula, as well as where to apply products and how much product to use based on hair type and condition of the client.

Under the Make-up Artistry and Nail Technology, the team was trained on skin tone and colour regeneration, nail restoration and beautification, face painting, etc.

This training will equip our funeral directors with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively serve customers and ensure that deceased loved ones are beautifully prepared.

What does the training mean to Transitions Ghana and its customers?

Mortuary services play a critical role in the funeral industry. The preservation, preparation and presentation of the deceased loved one is a critical part of the beffiting farewell process. Restoring your loved one to appear closer to what they looked like when they were alive is the best service any industry service provider can give to its customers. With our ongoing commitment to ensure that our Mortuary Care Services are the best in the country, deceased loved ones will continue to be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

This training means that all bereaved families, who bring their deceased loved ones to Transitions, can be assured that their deceased loved ones will receive the best mortuary care service from our Funeral Directors. Our customers can also be assured that their deceased loved ones on the day of burial will look as radiant as ever before.

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