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Funeral Finance Plan - Unlimited

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This Policy is for a whole life term. 

The minimum term may either be 10 years or 15 years.  The Policy pays out a lump sum ranging from GHs2,000 to GHs50,000 upon the death of Insured Lives. The exact pay-out depends on the Plan type that the Policyholder selects.

The Policy has no maximum age limit but a minimum entry age limit. The Policy can cover a maximum of 12 lives and the Policyholder may cover other lives without procuring cover for him/herself.

The Policy allows the following;

  • 100% premium refund or full waiver of premium benefit: Upon the maturity of the selected minimum term the Policyholder may opt for either of the following:
    • Full waiver of premiums: If selected, you will be covered for your entire life span without paying premiums.
    • 100% premium refund: If selected, Enterprise Life will refund all premiums paid over the Policy term.
  • Life Swap: This allows the Policyholder to transfer his benefits as the Insured Life to either his spouse, child sibling, parent, or guardian one time during the Policy term provided that relative’s age falls within the age brackets of the Insured Life. Upon a transfer, the Policy will payout 50% of your benefits in favor of the chosen relative whose life is not insured under the Policy.
  • No waiting period for accidental deaths: A claim on the Policy may be made immediately after acceptance by Enterprise Life in the event of death caused as a result of accidents only.
  • Surrender value benefit: Enterprise Life will pay a surrender value (less any paid cashback benefit) should you cancel the Policy, provided that there has been no claim on the Policy
  • Cashback benefit: You will receive 5% cashback on the risk premium paid every year if there’s no claim on the Policy
  • No Lapse /No Termination advantage: Provided the first premium has been paid and an acceptance has been made by Enterprise Life, the Policy would not lapse or terminate when payment of premium ceases. The Policy remains active but the payable claim amount would be adjusted.
  • Premium Discount: Experience-based rate discount for policyholder to pay 10 months Premiums in the year instead of 12 months.
  • Pre-burial benefits:
    • 7-Day/1 week Celebration Cover: This option pays 30% of the total sum assured upon confirmation of death.
    • 40-Day Celebration: This option pays 50% of the total sum assured upon confirmation of death.
  • Memorial Cover: This benefit provides 50% of the sum assured for a covered life upon death. This will be paid 12 months after the death of the covered life.
  • Hospitalization Cover: The Policy will pay out sums to you if you are hospitalized for more than 2 nights. The amount payable shall be calculated from the first day of hospitalization. This cover ceases at age 60.

Yes, but the Policyholder must opt for them and pay the required premiums. These optional benefits are:

  • Personal Accident Cover: This cover provides compensation in the event of injuries, disability caused solely by violent, accidental, external, and visible events. This cover ceases at age 60. This applies to the main life only.
  • Cash Bonus: This allows the Policyholder to maintain an investment account with a good return and withdraw a maximum of 50% of the total premium (less policy fee) after 12months. The minimum premium is GHS5.00 but there is no maximum premium except that the maximum cash bonus paid would not exceed the risk premium.
  • Double Accidental Benefit: This benefit pays an amount twice the value of the sum assured to the beneficiaries of the Policyholder if the Policyholder is above 54 years and he dies through an accident (not non-accidental cases) within the 6 months waiting period from the inception of the Policy. This benefit applies to the Policyholder only.

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