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Uber and Enterprise Group collaborate to provide comprehensive insurance package for Uber drivers in Ghana

Uber in Ghana has announced an agreement with Enterprise Group PLC & its subsidiaries in the General Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Funeral services business, for the rollout of a unique bundled insurance package for a segment of Uber drivers. .

The product has been bundled together to offer insurance cover for the vehicle as well as life, funeral and medical cover for the driver and family. In addition, the product, known as ‘Safe N’ Save’ allows the driver to make monthly or weekly contributions towards savings.

The findings from a 2021 study on Ghana’s insurance industry reveal that despite the country’s favourable environment for insurance and risk financing, about 70% of Ghanaians do not have access to any form of insurance.

“We believe this partnership comes at a crucial time to ensure drivers have extra peace of mind - allowing drivers to continue earning without compromising on their safety, especially as drivers face unique challenges on the road. In addition, our driver engagements have always revealed the desire of our drivers, to plan and save for the future. This partnership with Enterprise allows us to give our drivers convenient access to the protection and savings they need in one fell swoop. We are committed to forming further strategic partnerships such as these to show our commitment to the welfare of our drivers. ,” explains Marjorie Saint-Lot, Head of Ghana and Ivory Coast, Uber.

With over 96 years of experience in the insurance industry, Enterprise Insurance is a leading insurance group in Ghana and is independently rated in the AA category by the Global Rating Agency of South Africa.

Mr Daniel Larbi-Tieku, CEO of Enterprise Group stated, “The Safe and Save product is an innovative and pioneering bundled product that redefines the landscape of driver benefits. Enterprise is uniquely positioned to offer such a comprehensive package exclusively tailored for Uber drivers because of the range of products available across our subsidiaries. We are excited to provide drivers with such a holistic package that prioritizes their financial security and future aspirations. Safe and Save stands as a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries, enhancing industry standards and fostering long-term loyalty through unparalleled value.”

Below is an overview of all that is covered under the insurance bundle:

● Motor Insurance: covers drivers for legal liability to third parties for death and bodily injury, as well as claims for damage to other persons' property.

● Life insurance & Savings: a lump sum payment in the unfortunate event of death of the driver or a nominated life. In addition to the life insurance cover, there is a component of the premium that serves the purpose of savings and pensions for the driver.

● Funeral cover: Funeral expense in the unfortunate event that a driver loses his or her life. Legal representatives or named beneficiary will benefit from using the services of Transitions Funeral Home or a lump sum payment subject to the terms & conditions of the policy.

● Health insurance: Medical expenses cover for the driver, spouse & children that spans illnesses and emergency treatments as per the policy’s terms and conditions.

Uber continues to invest heavily in technology and has launched several industry-leading safety features. These include the emergency in-app button where riders have access to armed security in the event of an emergency; Rider Selfies to improve Rider Verification for cash payments, and a dedicated Law Enforcement Relations Team (LERT), which in some instances includes former law enforcement professionals who are on call to work with police 24/7 to assist in an investigation.
“Drivers are the core of our operation and following our engagements with drivers, it made sense to introduce the Safe ‘N Save insurance package. We will continue engaging them and work towards improving their experience on the app as well as that of riders,” concludes Saint-Lot.

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