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Enterprise Group responds to PDS shares diversion allegation

The Enterprise Group has taken notice of a news story on www.starrfm.com dated 16 September, 2019 captioned PDS: 51% shares for AGI diverted to Enterprise Group? – Jantua,  reported by  Awal Mohammed.  The article has been re-published on other online news portals citing www.starfm.com as the source of the news story.

The Enterprise Group would like to state that the allegations made in the article are utterly false, baseless and lacking any truth or merit.  The Group takes this opportunity to assert the following:

  1. It is a listed company with over 3,000 local and foreign shareholders.
  2. It has not acquired and has no interest in acquiring any shares in PDS.
  3.  The business of PDS is not in line with the Group’s focus, which is to remain and grow in the financial services sector.

The Enterprise Group has always demonstrated the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct in its dealings, and it will continue to do so. The Company remains accessible to the media and urges all to make use of its well established channels to cross-check relevant information in the interest of responsible journalism.

Finally, the Group assures its clients, shareholders, staff and the nation at large that it remains committed to providing the best of insurance and other financial services to Ghanaians, and to fulfil its mission of providing all who come into contact with the Enterprise Group their desired ADVANTAGE.

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