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CompExtra (Enhanced Motor Comprehensive policy)

This policy has three additional benefits in addition to the basic motor comprehensive cover. The policy comes at an additional fee on the standard comprehensive cover.


  • Loss of use benefit: Customers on this policy will be compensated for the cost of alternative transportation for a maximum of 14 days (weekend inclusive) while we work on their claim. The onus lies on the Insurer to ensure the customer’s claim is settled quickly as the customer stands to benefit if there is a delay in the claim settlement (all things being equal).


  • Misfuelling: For the purpose, of this policy, misfuelling is defined as an accidental use of the wrong fuel type for a vehicle. For instance, accidentally using petrol for a diesel vehicle. Damage caused by such accidents will be compensated up to the agreeable limit of liability.


  • Ridesharing (Extra P.A): Typically, our motor comprehensive has a basic cover for personal accident. With as little as GHS 20 (in addition to the comprehensive premium) one’s Personal Accident cover can be extended to 4 additional persons travelling in the same car. This policy also targets those who for the sake of long-distance travel or daily commute to work, do a lot of car-pooling with colleagues, friends & family.

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