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What is the "excess" on a car insurance policy?

The "excess" is the contribution you pay in the event of a claim.

If I am a tenant, can I still take a home insurance policy?

Yes, a home insurance policy covers both the home and its contents. If you are a tenant, you can still cover the contents as long as they belong to you.

If I take up a policy, is there a waiting period before I can make a claim?

No. There is no waiting period with general business insurance.

What is a profit sharing policy?

Profit sharing policies are only available from Enterprise Insurance. They are policies that allow you to receive cashback from us, once you don’t make a claim in 3 years. It is our way of sharing with you, the profit that we have made on your policy, because you did not make a claim.

What to I do to qualify for profit sharing?

First of all, you must opt for profit sharing at the inception of the policy or at your earliest renewal. Then once your policy is profit sharing and you remain claim –free for 3 years, you qualify for your profit sharing amount at your third renewal date.

Am I allowed to cancel my policy at any time?

Yes, even though we would advise against it, you are allowed to cancel your policy at any time.

If I do cancel my policy, do I lose my accumulated “profit sharing” component?

If you cancel your policy after the minimum 3-claim free years, you will still receive your “profit”.

What happens if I make a claim, do I still get my “profit”?

If you make a claim after the minimum period, your profit starts accumulating again. However, if your claim was within the initial 3 year period, you cannot get any profit.

Can I get a discount on my policy?

Yes we will still apply discounts where possible.

With this policy will I still earn my NCD on my motor account?

Yes you still earn the normal NCD

If i don’t want to claim my “profit” after 3 years, can I still leave it with you (EIC)?

No. For now, all accumulated “profit” must be redeemed after 3 years

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