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Enterprise Insurance launches centenary celebration

January 26, 2024

Enterprise Insurance Ltd. has launched its centenary anniversary celebration, marking 100 years of dedicated service, growth and community impact.

The celebration is under the theme ‘Celebrating our Legacy, Securing your Future’.

“Enterprise Insurance has been a cornerstone of reliability, resilience and reassurance for a century,” said Mr. Daniel Larbi Tieku, Chief Executive Officer of Enterprise Group. “Over the years, we have demonstrated our dedication to safeguarding our customers’ futures through comprehensive insurance solutions, outstanding customer service, and community engagement initiatives.”

The company outlined various activities to celebrate the milestone, including consumer promotions, charitable initiatives, volunteering programmes, and customer and employee recognition.

“I am elated to be a part of the Enterprise family at a time like this,” said Akosua Ansah-Antwi, Managing Director of Enterprise Insurance. “We are marking a remarkable 100 years of resolute commitment to our customers and the country at large. This centenary celebration will not only be a reflection of our rich history, but a testament to our enduring legacy of trust and excellence.”

Ms. Ansah-Antwi said the company has planned “a series of exciting events, community outreach programmes and special offers to express our gratitude for your continued support”. This includes exclusive customer events, centenary-focused charities, employee recognition, and promotional insurance products.

The company dates back to 1924, when the Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation of the United Kingdom commenced operations in the then Gold Coast. It later became Guardian Royal Exchange Assurance Ghana Limited before adopting its current name.

“Our history is intertwined with the evolution of the Gold Coast as it transitioned to become Ghana,” said Ms. Ansah-Antwi. “While the landscape changed, our commitment to excellence, trust, friendliness, professionalism and reliability still remained. These values have been the bedrock of our organisation.”

She emphasised the company’s pioneering spirit. “Our pioneering spirit in innovation within the non-life industry has given us an urge, allowing us to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace,” she stated.

In concluding her remarks, Ms. Ansah-Antwi said the company’s mission is to give Ghanaians “their desired advantage” through insurance products. However, she acknowledged the need for greater insurance awareness and education.

“It is our duty to educate and create enough awareness and assurance that will help people believe in the value of insurance,” she said.

As part of its 100th anniversary celebration, Enterprise Insurance aims to continue demonstrating its reliability while expanding insurance access and education.

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