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Enterprise Group presents a Service Revolution: The Horse Invasion:

November 15, 2020

In our quest to offer excellent service to our clients and consolidate our position as the one-stop-shop for financial services, Enterprise Group has reorganized and redefined its identity. Building on our success in the general and life insurance fields, we have branched out into Pensions Trustees and Real Estate industries and we are set to enter even more spheres of operation.
With our roots entrenched in reliability and remarkable track record of excellent service delivery, we have a unique advantage in the services industry and it is this advantage we seek to share with all those who come into contact with us.

Following the re-organization we shall no more be known as EIC, ELAC , EPL and ETL, we have become:

    Enterprise Insurance (General Business Insurers)
    Enterprise Life (Life Insurers)
    Enterprise Trustees (Pensions Management)
    Enterprise Properties (Real Estate Developers and Investments)
    Enterprise Funeral Services [Funeral; burial and related services]

As a united force seeking to provide an advantage to your livelihoods our Vision and Mission statements have involved to reflect our time-honoured Values and will define us from today. Our new Vision, Mission and Values are thus:

"In all our markets, our pedigree will be recognized, our strength respected, our expertise valued and our solutions sought by ALL who desire an advantage in life".

"We provide all who come into contact with us their desired advantage... because we are the best at what we do!"

Friendliness, Trust, Reliability, Excellence and Professionalism

Recently awarded Superbrand status, the personality of the Enterprise Group is the "Thoroughbred"

The Thoroughbred is a breed of horse best known for its agility, speed and spirit. It is a horse of outstanding pedigree with an inherent disposition to be the best.

Akin to our EquusCaballus doppelganger, we are born of outstanding parentage, excellence is simply our nature. Our pedigree endows us with sheer power and muscle and it is that which drives us to deliver the quality service and solutions our stakeholders desire and have come to expect of Brand Enterprise.close

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