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Transitions launches Pre-plan product to make funerals easy on the Ghanaian pocket

November 9, 2020

Transitions Company Limited, a provider of comprehensive funeral services, has launched an industry-first product that makes funerals easy on the pockets, especially for families.

With the cost of funerals on the rise, Transitions, as a consumer-centric company, realized the importance of making it easy for families to say goodbye without breaking the bank with a Pre-Plan package.

The product seeks to provide a solution or opportunity for people above insurable age to have a funeral cover.

It also allows individuals to plan their own funeral in the way they see fit and appropriate.

Understanding that pre-planning for one’s funeral might take time to happen, the packages come with the time value of the contributions made over the period.

This means that the value of the contributions made today will remain the same value whenever the unforeseen happens.

The Pre-plan product is designed to cover one’s self, a nominated person or open cover for groups.

The product allows clients to pre-select from the list of services offered by Transitions to create a package.

The Client can also choose from predesigned funeral packages available.

Payment for the package is broken into two. One can make immediate full payment or pay in installments.

All one needs to do is to visit Transitions today and sign up for the plan that makes the unforeseen easy to deal with. The General Manager of Transitions, Jodene Smith, said the product is the first of its kind in the funeral industry.

She says those who contribute to the plan have the opportunity to customize their funerals, adding that the product has features that makes it flexible for clients to transfer their plan to another person and make changes when they see fit.

“This product aims to help families plan the funeral for loved ones where they can pay it over a period of time at their convenience” she stated.

Mrs. Smith also said the product “is not restrictive, you can choose your own package and you are able to design what you desire. The specific feature is the fact that it is transferable, regardless of your age or where you are you can benefit from this plan. We customize according to the need of the individual.”

Renowned Motivational Speaker and Author, who was a guest at the product launch, Rev. Albert Okran, urged the public to take advantage of the product.

“All over the world, people are choosing products and services that have the needs of the consumer in mind, in the area of cost, quantity, quality, convenience, and environmental friendliness. Interestingly, many of them have been embedded in this new product being launched,” he said.

He also commended the Transition team for “helping people go through a phase of their life in dignity, respect, convenience and interestingly a cost-effective way”.
He recounted the efficient way Transition organized his father’s funeral and urged everyone to do the same.

“It was very convenient and stress-free. I am very grateful to the Transition team” he stated.

About Transitions

The Funeral People; Enterprise Funeral Services Ghana (EFSG) trading as ‘Transitions’ is a full service Funeral Company with the aim of providing comprehensive funeral services in Ghana.

From its iconic and state of the art funeral home located at Haatso, they bring to customers’ doorstep a bouquet of funeral products and services; pre funeral arranging, funeral arranging and post funeral arranging such as removal services, hearses, repatriation services, embalming etc.

Under a Distribution Agreement with Enterprise Life, Transitions sells funeral insurance policies (Transitions Plan), which at the point of claim is used to cover the cost of a funeral arranged.

With a team of internationally trained and skilled staff, they take away the stress of planning and arranging a funeral and ensure that people’s loved ones get a befitting burial.

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