Enterprise Advantage App is available on the Google Play and App Stores
Enterprise Advantage App is available on the Google Play and App Stores

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The Enterprise Advantage App Outdoored

The Enterprise Group has out doored a new mobile application dubbed the ‘Enterprise Take Advantage’ to ensure the quick and smooth delivery of their services.

The app which demonstrates the readiness of the Enterprise Group to embrace and adapt to the growing trends of technology is to facilitate the prompt and effective payment of claims to clients.

Currently available for download on google play for android devices and Apple Store for iOS devices, the application allows customers to receive claims, quote policies, activate complaints and also check the update of their contributions.

Describing the app during the launch on Wednesday, August 28, 2019, the CEO of Enterprise Group, Keli Gadzekpo said that the Enterprise Take Advantage app removes all bottlenecks that come with transacting business.

He identified three features on the app that makes it convenient and beneficial to users.

“The first reason I like the app is the convenience. The app is a digital distribution platform so when it comes to insurance and pension you can do everything getting a quotation through purchasing, payment and making a claim from the comfort of your office or home. Reason number two is that it put you in control because the application is so easy it allows you to be self-reliant. You need not call our staff to ask question about the status of your own policy”.

“The third reason is that app it gives you more than what Enterprise just offer. You can use it to do other things that nothing to do with Enterprise but have everything with your quality of life”, he said.

The Commissioner of Insurance, Justice Yaw Ofori underscored the importance of technology in meeting the demands of customers and commended Enterprise Group for the initiative.

“Customers are always a priority in any business and it’s the same for the insurance industry. This fact is important because an insurance policy is not a commodity but a commitment to your customers. Internet and mobile phone proliferation are currently the fastest innovation enablers and customer-focused insurers are increasingly using this medium to distribute insurance product”.

Other services available on the app which according to Keli Gadzekpo took his outfit two years to develop include checking traffic situation, weather conditions and automobile services

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