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Enterprise Group Supports African Marrow Registry to Increase Bone Marrow Donor Recruitment across Africa

Enterprise Group has provided financial support to the African Marrow Registry in support of the bone marrow donor recruitment across Africa. The donation was made by the Group in support of the Registry’s ongoing donor recruitment campaign, tagged the Campaign for a 1000 Lives.

African Marrow Registry is part of the Stem Cell Registry Alliance - a joint initiative of registries and organisations across the UK, Carribean and Africa committed to recruiting donors of African descent.

According to the Founder of the Registry, Ms Mercy N Mensah, deaths from Sickle Cell Anaemia, Leukaemia and Lymphoma among Africans are rising year by year; yet Africa is one of the races with the fewest donor numbers on registries worldwide. This unfortunately means that all persons of African descent who develop blood cancers/diseases (including Africans in the Diaspora) have a much slimmer chance of finding donor matches to cure their disease, than their Caucasian brothers.

Consequently it is the mission of the Registry to give every patient of African descent a chance of surviving their disease by connecting each one to the life-saving gift of a bone marrow donor.

In a statement by the Group’s Head of Corporate Communications and Synergy, Mrs Phyllis Woode-Nartey, she indicated that Enterprise Group is about touching lives and they believe the African Marrow Registry is a credible vehicle through which the Group can make an impact where it counts the most.

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